When asked about my highlights of the 2017 riding season, two words come to mind. Road Marshalling!!

When I put my name forward last winter to attend the chapter marshalling course it seemed like a good idea. We needed more road crew in our area and I have been riding for a few years. I also had some experiencing of helping out by marshalling at some rides before and I had attended a couple of training events with Frank a few years ago. Surely it would be no problem!?!?!
As the time came nearer, I thought—what have I done? I am not planning to be a road captain, I just wanted to be able to help out with the rides. Can I do this???

I even offered to give up my place when I heard that it was full and others wanted to go!

Anyway, after some discussion with Sandy and others I kept my name on the list. I took the bike out the day before the training, cleaned it and filled it up. Rode to the centre the next day and was greeted by friendly faces and bacon rolls. The morning started with the theory and I forgot about being worried and found the sessions really interesting. Even the second man drop off involved new things to think about; where was the best place to ‘drop’ someone/ how many were needed at the junction? We then headed out on the road for the first time that day, using the buddy system and then back to discuss what worked and what didn’t. Out again in the afternoon to practice 2nd man drop off and more discussions on how it went and what would happen next.

I had a great day, learned lots and I am so glad I did the marshal training. I had had a busy riding season. As usual I did not get as much time on the bike as planned but I did try to get to as many chapter rides as possible and volunteered to help out. The most memorable was TITG,. The sun came out, the roads were wet and some of the car drivers were not happy, but I really enjoyed it. I was surprised by how many riders not only waved when they went past but said ‘thank you’.

Photo Credit: Dez Urban

So, marshalling training – if you are thinking about it, just do it and a big thank you to all the road crew who have supported me this year – looking forward to helping out again in 2018.

Shirley Gunn, Treasurer

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