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10 Years of H.O.G.® and Dunedin Chapter Scotland Too!

Tuesday 08 May 2018 - What a surprise I got in the mail today. I received my 10 Year Member patch from H.O.G.®. I didn’t even know there was a patch for being a member for 10 years but I’m delighted to get one. It made me think back over the last 10 years of being not...

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Dunedin Charity Donation: Smalls for All

Dunedin Chapter members support a local charity that is a world away. SMALLS for All, collect and distribute underwear to help Women and Children in Africa. They help those living in orphanages, slums, IDP camps and schools, as well as providing underwear to...

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Sparkle Tour North (2017) by Jean Ann McKinnell

As the weather changes and the riding season draws to a close I pondered a very important question 'how many Ladies of Harley can you fit in a phone box. Turns out it's 10 (well almost) and one supportive chap to stop it falling over. This picture sums up the LOH...

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Making Friends: Harley Euro Festival

After riding all the way along Route 66 in 2014, Alan and I felt that it was time for another road trip and so this time we took our own bike to Europe. The Harley Euro Festival in Grimaud, Golfe de St Tropez was our destination, but we thought we would do a bit of a...

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Reflections on the 2017 Riding Season: from Our Treasurer

When asked about my highlights of the 2017 riding season, two words come to mind. Road Marshalling!! When I put my name forward last winter to attend the chapter marshalling course it seemed like a good idea. We needed more road crew in our area and I have been riding...

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Our American Adventure: Bruce and Lin Thomson

Our American adventure, adventure started on the afternoon of Friday 19th May, when we collected our steeds from Eagle Riders, Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas. It was a hot afternoon and our group of five bikes, led by Mike Dall our Tour Leader, made our way back to the...

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