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Wilma Scott Dunedin Chapter SecretaryHi Everyone,

Some of you might only know me as “Harleyetta” my “Build A Bear” pic on Facebook, so here’s the real thing. For those of you who have seen both, I think you’ll agree there’s a definite similarity. My furry faced look-alike only speaks when you press her paw and my husband Sandy says he would like that version, please!

My Chapter title is a bit of a misnomer, to be honest, as in Dunedin Chapter it’s always been a dual role with responsibility for the minutes and membership.

I have been a member of Dunedin Chapter for a long time, since May 2004 in fact. I was introduced to it by Sandy who had been a member from the beginning since October 1994…..yes that long! This was the best initiation ever for me, as he was already very heavily involved and had a fantastic group of like-minded friends. I was made to feel so welcome and got involved very quickly because of this.

I didn’t get the chance to help as much as I wanted until I stopped working full time but soon as I did, I volunteered for the Secretary post. I guess I’m biased but I think I have the best job of all. I answer enquiries about becoming a member, join members to the Chapter and tell them all about it. Plus I help out if anyone has a problem and manage the membership and HOG databases. Each time I communicate with a new member or witness their excitement and anticipation when they attend their first event, it rekindles the same feeling in me and I love that. I know from experience how important it is to be made welcome and how it can shape your future in the Chapter. I also help out with HOG membership number issues, take notes at meetings and type up the minutes. Hey……now I know why I’m so busy! All this, 7 grandchildren, long distance walking plus trying to complete the bunch of Munros I’ve still got to do. How did I ever fit in my teaching job?

Wilma Scott Secretary

Meeting my hubby and becoming involved with Dunedin Chapter has opened up another world to me in more ways than one. I’ve been all over Europe on the bike, gazed in awe at the Grand Canyon as we rode the rim, marvelled as we approached Monument Valley and trembled with excitement at the front of my first ever Thunder in the Glens Ride-out! I’m certainly a privileged pillion.

Here’s to making fantastic memories. See you all on the road.

Wilma x

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