Road Captains

What is a Road Captain?

We feel our Road Captains have one of the most important volunteer positions in our Chapter. We want all of our group rides to be fun and enjoyable for everyone and our Road Captains play a large part in that.

While our Road Captains will plan and lead rides with the safety of our members, and any guests, as their main priority, please remember that YOUR safety is ultimately YOUR OWN responsibility.   You can ensure that you take responsibility for your own safety and help with the overall groups’ safety by ensuring you are familiar with and adhering to our  Ride out Guidelines.


Gordon Dickson
Road Captain

Rodger Dick
Road Captain

Allan Burt
Road Captain

Willie Newall
Road Captain

Tom Gunn
Road Captain

Brian Johnstone
Road Captain

Dez Urban
Road Captain

Crawford Logan Road Captain

Ben Gunn Road Captain

Would You Like to Be a Road Captain or Road Marshall?

If you’d like to get involved and help support your Chapter, then please do contact our Head Road Captain HERE.

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