Ladies of Harley

With 116 female members, just under a third of our membership, and around 40 of those riders, our Ladies of Harley community clock up a lot of chapter miles (and probably consume just as much prosecco and gin!). Whether you ride solo or pillion, Ladies of Harley promotes female participation in the world of Harley-Davidson. Membership is free of charge, and it applies to any lady that belongs to H.O.G. with full or associate membership. However, membership it is not automatic. Your H.O.G. card will indicate whether you are a Lady of Harley and you can contact H.O.G. directly if you want to add this. Ladies of Harley have their own patches and pins too. If you’re a member and want to contribute more to Ladies of Harley®, or you want to join and get involved then do contact any of our Chapter Officers who you can find HERE. (n.b member stats as at January 2018)


In 2015 the idea of the Sparkle Tour was created in a village pub one Friday lunchtime by two likeminded female Harley-Davidson riders, for female Harley-Davidson riders. Fellow friends & H.O.G members Jo Green, Thames Valley Chapter & Elaine Shepherd, National LOH Officer UK & Ireland combined both of their experiences of enjoying a significant riding weekend with likeminded female Harley-Davidson riders. 2017 saw three Sparkle Tours taking part during the same September weekend and combined together, the South, North and Northern Ireland regional tours saw 58 ladies visiting 13 Harley-Davidson dealerships. It goes without saying that these 58 ladies ‘Shared their Spark’ and inspired other ladies to want to create, host, plan and lead a Sparkle Tour in their region. In addition to this, a trial of The Twinkle Tour was held during the same weekend. 2018 will see SEVEN Sparkle Tours and ONE Twinkle Tour taking place during the weekend of 14th, 15 & 16th September. Check out the Facebook Group below to find out more.

Harley Ladies UK - Facebook Group

This is a group for women that have a love of Harleys in the UK. It is open to everyone in the UK that either rides, hubby hugs or just has a love of everything Harley. Join The Facebook Group HERE
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