Where our story began……

It was all thanks to Alistair Robertson, the owner of Alvins Motorcycles in Edinburgh who decided to sponsor a  H.O.G.® Chapter. At that time Alvin Motorcycles was the only Harley-Davidson Franchised dealer north of Manchester and Leeds. 

Although Dunedin Chapter Scotland was Charted in November 1993 it was not formed until March 1994.

Prior to Dunedin Chapter being formed, Caledonia H.O.G.® was the only H.O.G.® Chapter in Scotland but not affiliated to any Dealership. In late 1992 some of these members set up the Caledonia Harley Club.

Caledonia H.O.G.® stayed in existence until Dunedin Chapter Scotland came into being in 1994.

And so Dunedin Chapter Scotland #9083 was born.

Dunedin Chapter members are well known throughout the H.O.G.® world for our friendliness and hospitality.

As the largest Chapter in the UK, with members from all over the globe you can be sure to spot us at the many rallies we attend – the tartan on the waistcoats or the kilts are normally a bit of a give away !

Dunedin Chapter Scotland always has and continues to help raise funds for many local and national Charities.


Prominent dates in our history.

1994 Dunedin becomes the first Sponsored Dealer Chapter in Scotland

Sponsoring Dealers:

1994 – 2000 Alvins (Motorcycles) Edinburgh

2000 – 2002 H.O.G.® UK

2002 – 2003 Dunedin Harley-Davidson, Halbeath, Fife

2003 – 2005 H.O.G.® UK

2005 – to date (2018) Edinburgh Harley-Davidson

Chapter Directors:

1993 – 2000 Alistair Robertson

2000 – 2005 Alan Budzynski

2005 – 2014 George “Mad Dog” McGuire

2014 – 2014 Phil O’Kane

2014 – 2016 Stuart Caplan

2016 – 2019 Alex Glen

2019 – to present Alan MacLeod

Other Prominent Dates:

1996 – Dunedin establishes itself within the European HOG® family with an unforgettable trip to the H.O.G.® Northern European Rally in Rotterdam.

1997 – The first Thunder in the Glens® Rally.

2003 – Dunedin Chapter Scotland becomes the first Chapter in the world to have its own tartan.

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