Tuesday 08 May 2018 – What a surprise I got in the mail today.

I received my 10 Year Member patch from H.O.G.®. I didn’t even know there was a patch for being a member for 10 years but I’m delighted to get one.

It made me think back over the last 10 years of being not only a H.O.G.® member but a Dunedin Chapter H.O.G.® Member too. I didn’t imagine for a minute how our lives would change when we became members.  Normally whenever we go somewhere in the car I’m asleep before we get much further than a few miles.   Obviously, I’m the passenger, not the driver!

Margaret Findlay 10 Year HOG member

Since getting the trike I have seen much more of our wonderful country than I have at any time before.

I thoroughly enjoy going out on the trike since Bill first brought it home and we went out on it that first afternoon. It seems like the country and sky and everything is so much closer.  More real than in a car.

I’m able to drive the trike on my car licence and the first few years I made sure I had a reminder at the start of each riding season, just in case something happened to Bill and he couldn’t get us home. However, I’ve got a bit lazy the last few years but must get back into it. I’m sure the problem is that I really enjoy being a pillion!

We’ve met so many lovely people since becoming Dunedin Chapter H.O.G.® members, including lifelong friends.  I love hearing that another lady has passed her bike test.  I think it’s fantastic and it makes me proud to be a Ladies of Harley member too.

We’ve visited Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg (very expensive) on the trike and attended the Benelux rally.  Benelux was a super adventure and we visited “the bridge too far” and museum. We met a Dutch Policeman at a service station who wanted a photo of himself on the trike as he and his partner were going to ask if they could get trikes for their next vehicle.

We’ve met lots of people who ask for a photo of the trike, they’re delighted when Bill tells them they can sit on the trike and get a photo taken.

We were touring the Isle of Sky and the service bus blocked our way coming round a corner facing us, it took us a couple of minutes to realise he wanted to take a photo.  Once he had the photo he moved on.

We’ve been to Ireland several times including Hog n the Bog and Killarney Bikefest. We’ve holidayed in Las Vegas and been on a Hadrian V Twin Tours Route 66 tour. That was really great, our little group was really good company.

As Dunedin Chapter members we’ve had great social opportunities to attend annual dances, pre-season dances, a numerous amount of ride-outs to interesting places, pre-season weekend and numerous other events. The social calendar available is outstanding and this is all thanks to the Committee members and the work they put into everything.

Of course, the icing on the cake (to me) is Thunder in The Glens. I love going.

Coming into Aviemore and seeing the flags and welcome signs, it’s like a great big hug from your favourite Aunty. So welcoming. It’s a great weekend, smashing entertainment, super people from all over the world and loads of friends. Some you only see at TITG but that doesn’t matter. Again, it’s thanks to the Rally Committee and all the volunteers’ hard work.

There’s so much more that’s occurred over the last 10 wonderful years, too much to include here, suffice it to say I have enjoyed the past 10 years (mega understatement), and I don’t see that changing for the next 10 years.

I’ll end by saying a great big THANK YOU to all our Committee Members, volunteers and fellow Dunedin Chapter H.O.G.® members for being such lovely people.

Margaret Findlay



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