Thunder In The Glens News

All on-site accommodation at Macdonalds Aviemore Resort is now fully booked. There are other hotels and guest houses in the Speyside area. See the off-site accommodation page for some. Posted:13/02/2017

Pre-registration will close on the 3rd July 2017. Posted:13/02/2017

A selection of Thunder in the Glens 2016 videos on YouTube. Enjoy! Posted:02/09/2016


All Campervan/Caravan spaces are filled for TITG 2017. There are Camp sites in and around Aviemore. Please see Visit Scotland website for more information. Posted:13/02/2017



Welcome to the web site of the Dunedin HOG Chapter, Edinburgh, Scotland. We are proud to be one of only two official HOG affiliated Chapters in Scotland. Indeed we were Scotland’s first and original HOG Chapter. On this web site you will find out all about us, who we are and what we are up to.

Any enquiries regarding the Chapter should be made to the Director (see Chapter Officers menu). If you would like to join the Chapter, CLICK HERE. Any submissions for, or comments about, the website please use the Contact Us page.

If you are not a registered Member you cannot upload pictures to the Gallery. However, you can view the Gallery. Also you will have a restricted set of Merchandise available. To see all of the Merchandise available or upload pictures, please login.

If you are a Member, but don't have a Login account, please REGISTER.

Chapter News

Regular Saturday rides leaving from EHD will begin on Saturday 22nd April weather permitting. The first ride will be aimed at new riders and new members but all members are welcome. More the better as the plan is to go for a ride to Berwick through the countryside with the objective to show the group riding methods to any new rider or member. Posted:17/04/2017

Details of the April Rides are now in Events. Please register if you intend to come along. There will be two ride outs,the first (and an option for members not attending the weekend away in Newcastle)on Sunday 23rd April to Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven, Lead RC Dez Urban. The second the following Sunday 30th April in the NE, a scenic circle, starting and finishing at Bucksburn Manor, Lead RC Frank McGregor. Posted:07/04/2017

North Mid Week day time rides begin every Tuesday starting 18th April. Departure 11am. This is to coincide with the South Tuesday rides offering the option to meet up for lunch. Two possible starts - Tesco, Westhill and Morrisons, Inverurie. Which one each week will be announced on the local WhatsApp page. Format is a "mates" run and not a formal Chapter event. Route decided most times by those who turn up and the weather. If the ride is cancelled due to bad weather this will also be put out on WhatsApp. South Rides- Grangemouth “Tuesdays” day time meet - McDonald’s, Earlsgate Roundabout, Falkirk Road, FK3 8XP. Meet from 9.00 am and for those who choose to ride, departure will be 10am. This coincides with the North Tuesday rides offering the option to meet up for lunch. Format is a "mates" run and not a formal Chapter event. Route decided most times by those who turn up and the weather.  Posted:12/04/2017